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Product description

This unique pitcher celebrates 500 years of  Purity Law. The jug is made entirely by master craftsmen of the KING-WERK Stein factory in the western forests of Germany from local German clay. It is produced in a strictly limited edition of only 500 pitchers worldwide.

More about tradition: In 1516 AD, William IV, Count of Bavaria, explained that only water, barley and hops were allowed in the beer. Later, all other states have passed this law. The text says in detail: „We especially wish that from this date and everywhere in the country and in the cities and marketplaces nothing else but beer, hops and water may be added or used.“ The German purity requirement of 1516 is the oldest food law of the World!

Technical details


  • length : 16 cm
  • width : 16 cm
  • height : 27 cm

Material: clay and tin

Volume: 0.75 liter

Weight: 1.3 kg

With certificate of authenticity

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